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Eat. Play. Love.

Helpful tips, recent news, inspiring tales, cute photos and more fun stuff from The Drake Center.

Integrative Medicine: What is Dampness?

One of the most commonly diagnosed pet pathologies from a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) perspective is dampness accumulation in the body. This is true for both dogs and cats. When a pet eats and absorbs a meal, the food is made into usable substances by the body. If the pet is getting too much, however—for instance, too many carbohydrates—some of what is absorbed is made into unusable substances or “dampness.” 

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What's a Pet Portal?

Do you have trouble remembering to give your dog’s monthly flea control medicine? Do you know when your kitty is due for her next rabies vaccine? Pet Portals can help!

Pet Portals are private websites that allow you to access your pet’s health information online. At The Drake Center, we offer free Pet Portal accounts to all clients via vetstreet.com, a website dedicated to pet health and education.

Pet Portal accounts are housed on a secure server. This means your personal information cannot be accessed by other users.

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iPhone Apps Go to the Dogs (and Cats!)

From the practical, ingenious and just plain silly, here are our top iPhone app picks for pet owners.

Pet Notes: This app is a great all-around tool. You can create a profile including your pet’s name, breed, birthday and microchip information, set veterinary appointment reminders, track your pet’s weight and even convert his/her age to human years! Best of all, it can hold multiple entries so you can keep all your pets organized. ($1.99)

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It's a "Goodie Bag" Giveaway!

Would you notice if your cat had parasites? For many busy pet owners, the answer is no! Internal parasites, like round, whip, hook, tape and heartworms, often go unnoticed. Thankfully, a little prevention—and a yearly screening—can go a long way.

On August 7 and 14, The Drake Center is offering a free parasite screening test (valued at $34.50) with an exam for all our feline friends. Just bring us a fecal “goodie bag” and we’ll take care of the rest!

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More Than Just Doggie Daycare

When the humans are away, the pets will play! What makes boarding at our facility so special?

The level of care and professional attention our veterinary assistants, technicians and doctors provide is unsurpassed!

Here are just a few things to consider about our kennel services:

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Vet Pets: Jennifer

At The Drake Center, it’s no surprise our families are a bit…furry. From dogs and cats to horses, chickens and an emu, we’d like you to meet the loves of our lives—our pets. 

Proud pet parent: Jennifer Reed, media relations specialist

  • Maya, DMH
  • Tigerlilly, DSH

If you had to choose, would you say you are a cat person or a dog person? Why?

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Bringing Fido? Safety First!

Summer is a great time to get outdoors with your dog, but you should never leave unprepared. Keep your pup safe at fairs, concerts, BBQs and other warm weather events with these tips.

  • Avoid leaving your pet in a parked car during the warmer months, even on mildly hot days. Remember, it only takes a few minutes to cause serious injury—even with the windows cracked.

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Veterinary Veggies: Should You Add Some Home Cooking to Your Pet’s Diet?

You and your pet both know the rule: No table food! On occasion, however, your vet may actually recommend human fare for your furry friend. What’s the deal?

Vegetables are an excellent source of antioxidants—dietary substances that can repair and prevent damage to the body’s cells—for both humans and animals. While antioxidants in tablet form only contain a handful of different antioxidants, vegetables can contain hundreds, many of which work together for an even more powerful effect.

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