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Pain Management

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Disease, injury and surgery often result in pain affecting our pets. In return, pain has been proven to slow recovery of these ailments.  At The Drake Center, we continually strive to achieve the most effective pain control possible to allow more comfort and a rapid return to health.
Effective pain management not only involves treating pain, but recognizing it in animals who often hide their symptoms. Our staff is highly trained in detecting subtle signs of discomfort and our patients are continually assessed during hospitalization for uncontrolled pain. Similarly, our doctors understand the importance of multimodal pain management, in which combinations of medications and treatments are used to safely allow optimal pain control. 


At The Drake Center, all patients receive a combination of pain relievers before, during and after surgical procedures. These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), opioids, local anesthetics, nerve blocks and epidurals. After surgery, we work closely with clients to develop an individual pain control plan to keep pets comfortable at home.
In addition, The Drake Center strives to remain on the cutting edge of newly developed and complementary treatments for pain relief. Our practice was one of the first in San Diego County to offer a Class IV therapeutic laser, and through advanced training, two of our doctors have also been certified in acupuncture.
This strong commitment to patient comfort is a hallmark of our veterinary care.






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