New Canine Influenza Vaccine

By Gabrielle Feldman

There is a new strain of canine influenza that is spreading across the country and there are reported cases in  Southern California. We are now recommending that your dog receives the new vaccine that prevents the spread of CIV H3N2.

Unlike the outbreak that started in Chicago (H3N8), the new strain is of avian origin and has spread to 24 states in only 5 months. Similarly, it is highly infectious and shows the same clinical signs of coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, and fever. However, it is infectious an average of 10 days longer than the old one.


Dogs that are more at risk for canine influenza: 

  • Social dogs
  • Boarding facilities
  • Doggie day care
  • Dog shows
  • Dog parks
  • Groomers
  • Kennels
  • Shelters


We encourage you to learn more about both strains at


To schedule your dog's appointment to receive the new vaccine go here. Or call us today at (760) 456-9556

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