Our boarding services are delivered by highly trained veterinary assistants to ensure your pet receives professional attention during his/her stay.

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Your pet will enjoy cuddle sessions, playtime, naps, and relaxing, all while in the company of caring staff that know and love them like their own pets.

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Here at The Drake Center, we offer a safe and cozy place for your pet to stay while you're away. Whether your pet will be boarding for a few hours or a few days, The Drake Center provides a fun and loving environment for your pet to enjoy.

What exactly will your pet's stay at The Drake Center look like? Spoiler alert: There will be cuddling! Lots of cuddling! When you check in your pet, your pet will be assigned their own highly-trained veterinary assistant. Don't worry about bringing in your pet's bed. They will be provided bedding during their stay. Do feel free to bring in a few of their favorite toys or treats for them to enjoy. If your pet has any required medications, please bring the medications in their original bottles. You can also bring in your pet's food. Just be sure to label all the servings and bring in a little extra just in case they need it. We'll take note of your pet's daily routine and overall health to ensure they are getting the proper care they need. We also have specialized care programs for pets with extra needs such as puppies, kittens, and senior pets.

Your pet will enjoy a warm and comfortable room with individual attention from our kennel team. Our dog boarders will be escorted to our private yard to enjoy the sun and playtime with our staff. Full disclosure: There may be some selfies taken with your adorable pet. We provide a separate quarters for our feline boarders, and playtime will take place in one of our feline-friendly rooms. We'll send updates and photos of your pet throughout their stay so you can rest assured that your furry friend is in good hands.

Since we know a lot of our boarders from treating them as patients, The Drake Center staff have formed close relationships with their boarders. Your pet will enjoy cuddle sessions, playtime, naps, and relaxing, all while in the company of caring staff that know and love them like their own pets. We look forward to The Drake Center being your pet's home away from home.

Every boarding patient is admitted by a member of our staff who will review your pet’s daily routine and current health status with you to guarantee optimal care while you are away. Your pet will receive the highest quality diet, warm, comfortable bedding and individual attention by our staff. We also offer additional services such as extra playtime and daily brushing of the coat and teeth.

We provide specialized boarding programs for patients with extra needs, such as senior pets, puppies and kittens.

Thundershirts may be provided for easily stressed or anxious pets. Familiar items from home — including beds, blankets, food, toys and treats — are always welcome, though not required.

Every patient in our boarding center is assigned a technician who reviews his/her health status daily to ensure he/she is thriving while in our care.

For clients who would like updates throughout their pet’s stay, we are happy to call, email or text to let you know how your pet is doing. We also love to send photos!

To maintain the highest standards of care, we require the following items to be current for your pet to stay with us:

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