Vet Pets: Dr. Drake

At The Drake Center, it’s no surprise our families are a bit…furry. From dogs and cats to horses, chickens and an emu, we’d like you to meet the loves of our lives—our pets. 

Proud pet parent: Dr. Michele Drake, owner and veterinarian

  • Wilbur, Jack Russell mix
  • Lyle, standard poodle
  • Ruby, DSH
  • Max, DMH

If you had to choose, would you say you are a cat person or a dog person? Why?

I am a dog person during the day and a cat person at night. I love to walk with my dogs and play outside during the day and snuggle with the kitties at night.

How did you get your pets? Why did you choose those particular breeds?

My first standard poodle was a patient who was given to me. He was the best dog ever and now I love the breed. We also have a Jack Russell mutt we got from the shelter.  I always wanted a small dog and just picked the cutest one.

What is special about your pets?   

Watching my 55-pound poodle and my 10-pound Jack Russell wrestle in the yard is very funny. Wilbur worships Lyle.

What is the cutest thing about your pets, physically?

Wilbur has the cutest face and Lyle looks like a big teddy bear.

What do you let your pets get away with that you probably shouldn't? 

One of our cats sits in a basket on the table when we eat breakfast.  My kids love it.

What is your favorite memory or story about your pets? 

Watching Lyle run on the trails in Mammoth is a thing of beauty.

What do your pets bring to the dynamic of your family?

Our pets bring mostly humor and love to our family. They give my boys a chance to be gentle and loving each day. They provide unconditional love. We have four pets and they are with us all the time when we are at home. One cat sleeps with my oldest boy and one dog sleeps with my youngest son. My boys cannot imagine what it is like to not have animals in the house with us all the time.

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