Veterinary medicine, much like human medicine, is in a constant state of evolution. New medical advances are available every day that once were not options for our pets.

The great news is that because of these advances, our pets are living longer than ever before. The downside occurs when not every pet owner can afford the often high costs associated with this level of care. For this reason, pet insurance is becoming more common among owners who are looking for ways to proactively manage the health care costs of their pets.

Many companies offer pet insurance, but of course, not all are created equal. At The Drake Center, we recommend Trupanion.

Trupanion offers 90 percent coverage and no payout limits. It does not cover pre-existing conditions, however, so it is best to enroll a pet as early in life as possible. You may obtain a quote and enroll online, connect with a live representative to guide you through the information at (800) 569-7913 or sign up for a free 30-day trial when your pet recieves an exam at The Drake Center.

For more information about pet insurance, visit Pet Insurance Review, a comprehensive website that allows prospective policyholders to read reviews and view overall ratings of several different companies.