Are Over-the-Counter Supplements and Herbal Formulas Safe for Pets?

By Dr. Kathy Boehme

The over-the-counter (OTC) supplement market has boomed in recent years as consumers seek alternatives to traditional health care for both humans and animals. But how do we know that dietary supplements and herbal formulas bought over the counter are effective or safe?

Often, the manufacture of these products is not overseen unless adverse results are reported. Studies show, however, that most consumers do not report such events. Even if they did, it may take years before the FDA received enough complaints to warrant an investigation of the product.

Prior to release into the market, the manufacturer is responsible for the safety and efficacy of each product. Can we trust every manufacturer? Some are trustworthy, but unfortunately, many are not.

Studies have repeatedly shown that many OTC products do not contain some of the ingredients listed on the label. Some do not contain any of the listed ingredients. Even more dangerous is the fact that fillers and adulterated products, such as metals or pesticides, are often sold to unsuspecting consumers.

In short, we simply do not know whether OTC supplements and herbal formulas are safe without a little analysis and study. In this Yahoo! Shine article, David Schardt, senior nutritionist for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, stated that in a recent study only two out of 12 OTC supplement manufacturers were making a quality product consistent with the label.

The herbal products and OTC supplements provided by The Drake Center are purchased from reputable companies in North America that have gone to great lengths to establish safety and effectiveness in pets. They are tested regularly and do not contain adulterants.

During vet visits, always let your veterinarian know which supplements, if any, your pet is taking and ask us for recommendations based on his/her condition. Remember, there are many useful products available, but it is truly a “buyers beware” market.

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