Good Dog! Blog: Bodie Month 1

By Good Dog Bodie

My first month training has flown by! I started my training at 7 weeks old and I will graduate at around 18 months old. I am now 11 weeks old and have all the sudden grown legs!

This month I have been focusing on meeting lots of new people and going as many places as I can.We are working hard on exposing me to anything and everything possible such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, loud noises like things falling on the floor, anything to help me understand that things in the world are not scary they are actually fun because I get lots of yummy treats when I see them or hear something loud and scary.

My tail never stops wagging and I absolutely love making new friends. I love my crate and I sleep 10-12 hours straight every night! I started puppy kindergarten class this week and I am the star student. No one believes trainer Laura when she tells them I am only 11 weeks old because I am already doing Sit, Down, Shake, Touch and Turn on verbal command. I just love to learn and I love treats so what could be better?!

We are doing at least 3 training sessions a day, usually around 10-15 mins each. It’s important for me to practice commands at this age because I am like a sponge and learn them so fast. My brain just takes everything in so learning commands and also learning what behaviors are allowed and not allowed is important.

I am learning that jumping up on trainer Laura for attention or jumping up on the baby gate for attention does not work, I get ignored until all 4 of my feet are on the ground. If I learn that jumping up is not appropriate early on in life I won’t do it when I am older.

I can’t wait to keep learning. Check back next month for another #TEAMBODIE pupdate!


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