Good news! The Drake Center has recently been named a Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). 

The Cat Friendly Practice Program was created to help veterinary hospitals meet a wide range of unique feline needs in the clinical setting. Many cat owners are reluctant to bring their cats to a veterinary hospital due to the stress associated with the visit. Through this initiative, our hospital is going to new lengths to ensure you and your cat have a pleasant experience with us. 

Our hospital has met high environmental, handling and treatment standards of practice determined by leaders in the field of feline medicine. These standards help us understand the ways we can interact with your cat so that examinations and procedures can be performed with less stress. 

Below are a few of the required elements that we have achieved as a Gold Status Cat Friendly Practice:

  • Premises are of a good clinical standard
  • Staff are knowledgeable about and understand cats
  • Staff have a gentle, caring and empathetic approach to handling cats
  • The hospital has a cat friendly waiting room and exam room
  • The practice has the ability to hospitalize cats comfortably
  • The practice has appropriate equipment for cats including anesthesia and radiology

For more information on AAFP and the Cat Friendly Practice Program, please visit