Top New Year’s Resolutions For Your Pets (and You)!

By Nicole Abrego

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the year and determine what we would like to achieve in the coming year. Why not set some goals for our pets as well?

Setting and participating in your pet’s life goals is a great way to bond with your furry companion and pick up some great habits yourself. So why not give it a try? Here are the top New Year’s Resolutions For Your Pets (and You)!

#7: Learn a New Trick

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Teaching your pet new tricks helps in keeping them mentally stimulated and improves overall obedience and manners. Plus, trick training provides a source of exercise (since most tricks help build muscle tone and stamina) and teaches your pet positive behavior. It’s also quite fun to show off your pet’s talent to family and friends.

#6: Drink More Water

Drinking the appropriate amount of water each day is great for both our pets and ourselves. Water is not only essential to their health, drinking water regularly helps regulate body temperature, flushes out waste and bacteria from their bodies, and promotes skin health. The same goes for humans too! So when you see your pet taking a sip of water, don’t forget to take one yourself.

#5: Stress Less

Our pets live pretty cushy lives, but did you know that they can experience stress and anxiety just like us? Changes in your pets’ environment, loud noises, and even boredom are factors that can affect your pet’s stress level. After a visit to your veterinarian to ensure your pet’s anxiety isn’t caused by an underlying health issue, there are many ways you can help alleviate your pet’s anxiety.

Taking your dog out for a walk or playing fetch with them is a great way to relieve their stress. Enriching your cat’s indoor environment with toys and perches provides them with physical and mental stimulation that fights boredom. Plus, studies have shown that interacting with a pet helps relieve your own stress as well.

#4: Enjoy the Outdoors

Pro tip: a tired pup is a happy and healthy pup. Most dog breeds need a least one hour of physical activity each day and taking a trip outside is a great way to get out that extra energy. Plus, taking regular walks and enjoying the outdoors provides an excellent source of exercise and is a great bonding experience for you and your canine companion. It's a total win-win!

#3: Brush Your Pet's Teeth

Don’t forget to brush those canine teeth! Regular brushing of your pets’ teeth helps promote good dental health and prevent dental disease. Not sure how to brush your pet’s teeth? You can find our how-to videos on how to brush your dog’s teeth here and how to brush your cat’s teeth here. The Drake Center also provides the highest quality dental care and you can set an appointment with us to ensure that your pet is getting the best dental care possible.

#2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Did you know: over half of all pets in the United States are overweight or obese? Overweight pets are more susceptible to health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even certain forms of cancer. Monitoring your pet’s diet and proper exercise will help with weight loss and may even improve your pet’s metabolic rate.  If you need help getting your pet on a weight loss regime, our veterinarians would love to help!

#1: Schedule a Checkup

We can’t stress enough how important annual veterinarian visits are for your pet. Just like humans having annual visits to their doctors, our pets should be checked out by a veterinarian to ensure that they in overall great health and to catch any hidden health concerns before they become serious issues. “Health is the greatest gift,” they say, and this goes for both YOU and your pet.

If you just realized that you forgot to schedule your pet’s next appointment, you can schedule their appointment here. Wishing you and your pets the very best in 2019!

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