By Smokey (The Most Interesting Cat in the World)

I may be new around here, but my sweet, fun-loving purrrsonality has already stole the hearts of everyone at The Drake Center. If I haven’t met you in person yet, I apologize. I am still warming up to the idea of being a famous hospital cat. I am a pretty humble guy ya know.

My favorite spot is in my new cat tree in the doctor's office, watching all of the activity on the streets of Encinitas. I feel like one lucky feline, being adopted by an animal hospital that will make sure I’m always happy and healthy!

Apparently February is National Cat Health Month. My first thought was, us cats got jipped! February is the shortest month of the year; what’s up with that?! Oh well, I guess that means we will have to condense the celebration into a mere 28 days.

As the new hospital cat at The Drake Center, I feel a great responsibility to all the kitties of Encinitas. So I have been pondering ways a human can help their feline celebrate “Healthy Cat Month”...

I hope to meet your cat in February and so we can pawty!

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