Janice Lee, DVM

Dr. Janice Lee received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from UC Davis in 2020. Upon graduating, she completed an internship at VCA Emergency and Animal Hospital and Referral Center in San Diego, where she gained valuable experience in emergency and critical care prior to finding a better fit in general practice.

Dr. Lee believes strongly in communicating closely with owners and working as a team to meet the specific needs of their pets, who represent such important parts of the family. She has a special interest in cytology and how looking under a microscope can give us so much information about a patient’s well-being, from how to best treat skin disease to catching more malignant disease processes early. 

When she is not at the Drake Center, Dr. Lee spends her time reading, writing, taking her telescope on road trips to state and national parks, climbing, crocheting, and supporting local breweries. She enjoys the company of her genetically ambiguous terrier mix rescue, Banjo, and his bearded dragon, Gimli.