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Why Your Pet Needs a Vet Tech (and You Do, Too!)

Why Your Pet Needs a Vet Tech (and You Do, Too!)

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By Jennifer Reed

October 12-18 is National Veterinary Technician Week, a time to celebrate the very important role of technicians in the veterinary hospital.

Every pet and every vet (and yes, pet parent, too) needs a good technician. At The Drake Center, we are very proud to have such a highly-skilled, compassionate and dedicated technical staff. They are the backbone of our practice and a great reflection of the care we provide. If you haven’t thanked one lately, here are the top five reasons why you should!

  • They are experts in TLC. Don’t get us wrong, while everyone at The Drake Center — from receptionists to doctors and kennel staff — loves to dote on our patients, technicians play a huge role in the comfort and care your pet receives at our hospital. After all, it is their job! At The Drake Center, it is not uncommon to see our technicians squeeze into a cage to comfort a sick pet, take a boarding patient for a long walk during lunch, spritz themselves with feline pheromones to calm a nervous cat or even fashion a baby sling out of a blanket in order to soothe an anxious surgery patient.

  • They are responsible for much more than your pet’s history. Veterinary technicians are nurses, surgical assistants, dental hygienists, anesthetists, X-ray specialists, phlebotomists and pharmacists all rolled into one. In fact, the list of what vet techs do is so extensive, it is actually easier to list the things they don’t do: namely, make diagnoses, prescribe medication and perform surgery. Your pet spends more time with his/her technician than anyone else in the hospital. Whether they are helping with a simple annual exam or on the front lines during an emergency, a vet tech is always by your pet’s side.

  • They are great teachers (and learners). From demonstrating how to give your cat a pill and fielding questions about flea control to completing continuing education courses and on the job training, technicians spend a lot of time educating pet owners — and themselves! This dedication to lifelong learning not only makes for an exceptionally skilled team, but a community of knowledgeable pet owners as well. The end result? Better care for our furry friends all around!

  • They are your pet care advocates. Veterinary technicians take on an invaluable role as liaisons, helping to bridge the gap between clients and veterinarians. Often the first to assess your pet’s condition and the last to speak with you before taking your pet home, it is a technician’s job to provide the information and guidance pet owners need to make sense of complex issues, better understand their vet’s recommendations and find solutions that work for each individual family.

  • They genuinely love your pet. Want to find someone who loves your pet just as much as you do? Grab a vet tech! Veterinary technicians spend nearly as much time with their patients as they do with their own pets. They celebrate with you when a new pet joins your family, pray with you when your pet is sick and mourn with you during times of loss. Simply put, there’s a reason our staff treats pets like family — because they are.

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