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A Moment of Gratitude

A Moment of Gratitude

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By Dr. Kathy Boehme

When it came time for me to write the integrative medicine blog for this month’s newsletter, which was supposed to be about the evidence of acupuncture, I just couldn’t do it. Not because I am not a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture — I most definitely am — but because my head and heart are just somewhere else.

Earlier this month, my son Markus, who works as a kennel assistant at The Drake Center, was involved in a very frightening car accident. Everyone walked away from the crash virtually unscathed, but even so, it was a huge mental, emotional and physical trauma for both of us.

What I found interesting is that one of the first places Markus came to talk about the accident was The Drake Center. What he found was genuine compassion, concern, respect and love. There were no lectures or comments about life lessons, which was the response from many other people. Instead, there were plenty of hugs and expressions of relief.

I was so grateful that my son was given exactly what he needed in those moments and that I was treated with the same supportive care.

Recently, a high school student interviewed me about my career for an English class assignment. She asked a lot of reflective questions, including whether I would do anything differently if I had to do it all again. When I looked back on my 19 years with The Drake Center, I saw a family I truly love and care about that also feels the same way about me.

I have been allowed to pursue the facets of medicine that I am most passionate about, even those that are not particularly conventional. I am fortunate enough to mentor as well as learn from some of the most amazing and talented people I have ever met. I get to forge trusting relationships with clients and pets that may span weeks or decades but are all meaningful and significant. I get to laugh, cry, scream and squeal at work. I cannot imagine anything that I would change.

The Drake Center is an amazing and special place. I am so grateful to be here.

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