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Kids Welcome! RCHS Campers Go Behind the Scenes

Kids Welcome! RCHS Campers Go Behind the Scenes

pet hospital

By Jennifer Reed

Last month, The Drake Center was excited to “join paws” once again with Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) to provide behind the scenes experiences for children interested in careers in veterinary medicine and animal care.

The Drake Center hosted three separate field trips for the shelter’s “Animal Keepers” camp, which ran July 13-31.

“The ‘Animal Keepers’ session of Animal Camp is for children interested in animal care and training,” said RCHS Humane Educator, Lizzie Hart.

While most of the children have visited a veterinary office before, the tours typically provide their first experiences past the lobby or exam room. The campers meet the veterinarians and technicians and learn about what it’s like to work in a real hospital.

Dr. Michele Drake developed The Drake Center’s Kids’ Day program because she wanted to provide a unique opportunity for future veterinary professionals — one that she wishes was available to her when she was younger.

“I have known I wanted to be a vet since I was three years old,” Drake said. “I would’ve loved to have had an opportunity like this.”

During the events, campers viewed X-rays of real patients and identified broken bones or foreign objects a pet had eaten. With help from a veterinarian, they also assisted with a physical exam on a live animal and performed mock surgery on a stuffed patient.

Hart said the campers also earned community service hours for taking part in the program. “This is ideal for students who are interested in careers in the animal welfare industry. They absorb everything they see and hear. It fuels their desire to work with animals.”

Learn more about Animal Camp at RCHS here.

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