The beginning of 2017 marked the kick off of our third fundraising campaign for the local non profit, Good Dog! Autism Companions. This time around, we selected a local military family, the Louden’s. Whose dream is to have a service dog for their son, August. They were able to raise half of cost involved to receive a dog, and we committed to raising the other half of the funds, $13,000. This means that the non profit would be able to re-allocate their resources to another family who is also waiting for their service dog.

We are thrilled to announce that we reached our fundraising goal for Good Dog! Autism Companions ! We had a very generous client walk in and say, “What’s your balance for the service dog? My family and I would like to pay it.” We are so incredibly grateful to her, as well as every single person who donated throughout 2017 and also attended our fundraising events! You all are absolutely amazing. Thanks to you, August Louden will now be receiving his very own service dog.