This past month The Drake Center was honored to accept the SO Faithful Award, bestowed upon us by Good Dog! Autism Companions. We want to thank all of our amazing clients who have supported us over the years, as we are now fundraising for our fourth service dog!

Here is what Good Dog! Autism had to say:

"At every Good Dog! graduation The SO Faithful Companion Award is presented to a person or group that significantly helps Good Dog! advance our mission of helping children and families live better lives through autism service dog companionship.. It’s named in honor of our first recipient, Sheryl Osborne. That’s what the S.O. stands for and why it's in all caps. We wanted to name the award the Sheryl Osborne Award but Sheryl asked us not to because she didn’t want that kind recognition, she just wanted to help Good Dog! And WOW did she ever help ... Always with grand enthusiasm and heart. Her incredible impact -- in both tangible and intangible ways -- will never be forgotten.

So in the spirit of Sheryl Osborne, at our past graduation we honored a group whose impact is hard to measure. They’ve been by our side from the beginning, stuck with us through some growing pains, and continue to surprise us with their ideas, enthusiasm and commitment to our program. They have sponsored an autism facility dog, helped two military/autism families (Langagers & Loudens) reach their fundraising goal. And, they are currently sponsoring Good Dog! Bodie puppy in-training. They have thrown events, created raffles and sold things in their offices to just name a few. Not only do their efforts raise funds but also awareness! Sheryl Osborne herself learned about Good Dog! through The Drake Center as did many other now supporters and donors.

So it is incredibly fitting that we honored The Drake Center for Veterinary Care and bestowed them with the Spring 2018 Good Dog! SO Faithful Companion award."

To learn more about our current fundraising campaign for Good Dog! Bodie, go here.

Good Dog! Autism Companion's Spring 2018 SO Faithful Companion Award Recipient from GoodDogAutism on Vimeo.