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case of the month

Dr. K's Case of the Month: Glass Eater

By Dr. Heather Kovac

The Patient

Misty, a 7 year old labradoodle, was presented to our hospital when her owner saw her passing what appeared to be large pieces of glass in her stool.  

The Case

Misty was eating normally, acting happy, and her stools were solid.  However, the owner reported that she found many pieces of decorative glass rocks missing from her outdoor fireplace.

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Dr. K's Case of the Month: The Curious Kitten

It’s time for another Case of the Month with Dr. Heather Kovac!

The Patient


Jiffy, a 6 month old male neutered domestic shorthair kitten, was brought in to see me because he could not bear weight on his back right leg.


The Case


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Dr. Kovac's Case of the Month: Pericardial Effusion

Nick, an 11 year old Labrador/greyhound mix, came in to see me because his owner thought he had had a seizure a few days prior and now he was refusing to eat. Nick has a history of having seizures but they had been well controlled with anti-convulsant medication. In fact, it had been 5 years since they had witnessed any seizure activity at home. His owner had witnessed him collapse on the floor two days prior but he did not lose consciousness. It took him a few minutes to become normal again.


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